fluid in fluid (like smoke)

I’m trying to get an effect very similar to the 3rd part in this vid (starts at ~1:40):
(3.2 mb, 320x240 wmv9)

I’ve tried various particle settings and materials, but can’t get it to look right. I might try fluid sim, to see if it works better.

Any ideas?

what if you tries fluid sim with two fluids with different viscosity settings, and just blend them into each others, I’ve newer tried, but it migth work.

the fluid sim is only capable of one domain per scene - and the domain is what turns into the actual fluid. so only one material, and therefore only one viscosity, etc. If someone has a workaround for this, that might help me out. I’m currently testing various different parameters of the fluid sim, but I’m not getting anything close at all to what I want.

I think I might have to go back to particles - but I’m having a hard time making them look like anything besides smoke. And it would be nice if I could get it to affect IOR like in the video above.

And the animation requires it to be more than a fake 2d animated texture, since the camera moves around the nozzle a fair amount.

y not render two simulations, then composite the images over one another?

PS-for smoke i use a cloud texture over large halos

Because they won’t interact

I just watched the video. If you want any of those, particles is really the way to go. Give them a very long life and low alpha value.

I agree Particles are the way to go, especially after trying 20 different variations of the fluid sim. I’ve tried another dozen different particle strategies since then, and I still can’t get it. I might combine an animated texture on a circular plane combined with some particles next. It would be really nice If I could get the IOR treatment…but it might have to be some sort of a compositor setup…yet another thing to play and learn. The thing I’m having a problem with is the 360 deg nature of this effect. Halos just don’t cut it.
The scene has the camera animated, starting first with an overview shot with the camera going around the vessel (with 4 of these spray nozzles), then goes overhead to show the effective spray pattern, and back down and close to one of them. Here’s the old stuff of what I have already showed the client:


I’m having a really hard time getting turbulence, and the light whispy smoke. I’ve tried a few different smoke tuts, but I’m just not getting the material right I think. (I’m using the new P.system in SVN - but the material shouldn’t be any different).
any suggestions on the whispyness?

You could try the fluid sim if the material has no Fresnel and a very low IOR. ( just enough to refract through the different fluid densities.)
Or a static material with blend texture for alpha with an animated cloud texture in the alpha-visable area. That would probably look closest to that spray at lower-right.

the fluid sim needs to have the resolution cranked way up in order to not leak out through the metal parts, and that simply takes too long. (I tried it at 185, and it still wasn’t right). Plus the fluid sim doesn’t do turbulence.
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