Fluid in glass looks edgy

Hi there,

i wanted to do a little animation of water floating into a glass. So far it worked out well, but the problem is that you see some weird forms where it hits the glas. Heres the picture (Visibility of the glas is turned of)

i know it can be smoothed out by applying the fluid, freezing the frame and then using sculpt mode. But i dont want to freeze the frame. I tried to do it in sculpt mode without applying but it didnt work. So is there i other solution to fix this? I would be glad to hear any suggestions.

Note: I think you can see al important settings in the screen. Except from the i added a subsurf modifer on the domain cube. I think its also important that i’m new to blender. Just did some 3d text before starting with this one based on a tutorial from blenderguru.

Kind regards

I seem to recall having the same issue a while back - perhaps increasing the “bake” resolution of the fluid will help.