Fluid Inside a Fluid

Heya people I’m wanting to make a lava lamp.Obviously the first thing is wax isnt exactly a liquid…but im not needing it to ever be solid. So it would be a container of water and then a free moving fluid (wax) inside it. I’m using a slow laptop so i cant keep baking to see if its possible to do it so i was asking because its quicker. Is it possible to add heat as well at all or will i need to disable gravity on the wax liquid?

New note* After some testing with less particles I have encountered another problem, about 60% of my particles collide with the glass and fall down (which is what i want) but the other 40% somehow go through the glass. permeability is at 1 so nothing should go through it?

Fluidception . . . there is an easier way. Use metaballs