Fluid is breaking out of pipe obstacle

I’m making a fluid animation. I have an obstacle, a cube subsurfed it looks like a pipe. I gave it some thickness by extruding inward. And somewhere in the middle extruded a face to become a pipe extenson to the left. It’s on that location that the water sim breaks out of the obstacle.

Any idea how to overcome this?

Thanx Twan

So you have like a ‘T’ shaped pipe connection?

The first thing to check is “Did you re-calculate normals?”
Also maybe remove duplicated vertices (depending on how you modeled).

If it still does it, you may need to temporarily make the pipe thicker before you bake, and later switch back to the thin walled pipe before you render -assuming you’re using clear plastic pipe or tubing.

The normals are correct, also from the inside and i removed doubles. Wether i use subsurf (level 5) or apply it or just as this ‘cube’ shape the water keeps coming out from the connection area.

Man, time to call in the plumber :wink:

Are you sure that there’s no internal faces that shouldn’t be there inside the pipe?
It looks as though you are using a fairly good resolution. Though I would still maybe try a higher resolution and also use thicker walls for the pipe (even if only temporarily before you bake the fluid simulation); or maybe even use a “single layer” mesh (be sure to set the obstacle to ‘Init Shell’ for an “open” mesh object ie. an object with no defined inside/outside).
Could you post the blend file? Would probably be faster to track down the issue that way.

I noticed one issue - it looks as though the horizontal section of the pipe (at the right side) has no faces at the end, meaning that you don’t have a closed section - that would cause issues if you have the obstacle set to ‘Init volume’.

From what I’ve heard. fluid does this if it’s not at a high enough resolution.

Thanx JarrelSmith and TBOL3.
For now my problem is solved by using “Init Shell”.
Indeed by changing the resolution the fluid behaves different, to me sometimes unexpected. When using this pipe and a fluid at a resolution of 150, the fluid reaches the bottom of the pipe, when using a higher resolution the fluid dont reaches the bottom but behaves as if the pipe has become shorter.
A lot to learn for me…
Anyway thanx for now,