Fluid is dissolving within NON-outflow mesh! PLEASE HELP!!!

OK, I have been at this for days, trying to fix this issue and I’ve had enough! Its driving me literally insane!

So the problem is that when I bake the fluid domain at a high res such as 315 for final, and 1 for preview (because I don’t need the preview) everything looks fine right up until the fluid hits the inside of the cup. the fluid won’t stack up as it should… it just appears to dissolve within the mesh of the cup. And no it does not appear within the inside in wireframe mode. Simply no matter how much I pour into the cup, the liquid just won’t stack up so I’m assuming that its dissolving. I think something’s wrong with either the cup or the domain, but one thing is for sure, this cannot be normal blender behavior so it has to be a bug of some sort. I’ve tried re-baking it countless times, deleting the cache, clearing it, and baking it over again and nothing helps… :frowning:

Here’s my blend file without anything irrelevant to it.

Please help and thanks!

Anyone out there that can help me out?

wow… this is not cool.

When I open the blend, bake the rigid body and try to bake the fluis sim, it’s crashing. So I can’t even see what is trying to happen. Even if I reduce the frame count and resolution.

At 2500 frames you’re talking serious bake time.

Fluid sims need all their objects in them to have a scale of 1. Your domain and inflow objects don’t have the scale applied. Select them, ctrl-a choose scale.

You may be running into a cyclic sim dependancy, the rigid body and the fluid may be fighting. I would seriously consider breaking this thing apart into two shots. 1) The glass falling, and settling 2) The fluid pouring in. You’d want 2 wine glasses, one with rigid body and one for the fluid sim.

Also you have the fluid sim set for 6 second sonly, and I realize you only have the inflow active for that amount of time, but I think you need to increase the to include the glass falling, even though it’s doing nothing.

There’s alot of moving parts in this thing, simplify it get the fundamentals working, then add the crash sounds etc…

Good luck.

Wow, thank you for taking the time to respond to my post!

I understand everything you just told me except for the scale part. When I try to scale it to 1, it just makes it into a small cube. I’m guessing I’m not doing it right… Please let me know how I can achieve this.
After baking it for several days, I finally think I have it down. You said I may be running into a “cyclic sim dependency”. Whatever that is, I think it sounds about right. Even though it seems I was pouring a lot of liquid, after doing some calculations and looking through other posts, videos, research, etc… 6 seconds of fluid was way too small and therefore pouring very little. Unfortunately I had to figure out the hard way that the fluid “end time” was supposed to be how many seconds the fluid runs for, throughout the whole animation. Currently I have set it up to have 19.07 seconds of fluid animation so, 6 was off by a long shot…

Anyway, thank you sooo much because this helped me big time!

The instructions were not to scale it to a value of 1, but to apply the scale so the current value resets to 1 by hitting ctrl-a in object mode.

It’s a bit confusing, but an important distinction.

Oh Ok. I see what you mean now. Apply the scale by pressing ctrl-A … thanks K Horseman! I didnt know that.

You “should always apply the scale on your objects” Especially simulation objects.

And when you look at the scale (by opening properties panel, hit t) It should be 1.