Fluid Landing on clothing acting weird. (rolling into logs)

Hi All,

I am experimenting with fluid with in a scene where a A2 is drinking and spilling some.

I am making it spill from her mouth and when it lands on the clothing it kind of rolls into long logs. I dont want this look!!!

I have recalculated the fluid using a bunch of different settings and always seems to be reproduced.

I have also tried using a sphere in the area of clothes and make that become the obstacle and still happens to the sphere, so seems the clothes are not the cause!

anyone can help? what settings or modifier would I use to make it more like blobs
I have tried recalculating with changing the obstruction type… (shell/volume)
I have tried turning Export Animated Mesh Off/On
I have tried different resolutions
I have tried different smoothness / subdivisions…

I have tried with subdivisions OFF, and that has the best appearance, but I like the look of the micro splashes that Generate more particles does… and this requires a subsurface setting of minimum 2

I dont know whats happening.

I solved this by doing a few things.

I had to turn off export mesh on the fluid obstacles
It seems to enable no slip when using export mesh.

I also disabled subdivision in the domain of my fluid box

The issue I had and wanted to use export mesh was the fluid lands better and more close to the mesh when enabled.
I now get much better calculation times

Also I now use modifiers to slightly grow the liquid mesh and make it touch the areas it lands on.

All in all. Happy with results.