Fluid nests on Obstacle. Some help please..

Hi, i have a little problem with a fluid animation. I have an “aquarium” which is filled up with water. Most works great and its much fun to work with Blender.
The problem is that on the bottom, which is an Obstacle inside the Domain, some areas are not filld with fluid. Since my fluid is “water” those “nests” look like mirrors. They sit in the deeper areas (not really “deep”) of the obstacle.
I am doing a bake with a res of 200 now and hope that this will settle my problem, but a res. of 120 did not help…
Has anybody an idea??

Second problem: I have two inflows. The second one is just a copy of the first with a lower Inflow velocity. But only the first (orginal) Inflow is working…

3rd Problem :wink: : Outflow. Its seems to me that an outflow isn´t a “real” outflow, more like a boundary which delets fluid. Just an outflow on the oposit of the Inflow (remember…“aquarium”) is not working right. The Domain get still filled up. I solved it with a second outflow which covers the “top” of the domain on the “waterlevel” i liked to have.
This does not look right to me. How to make it better?

Now first a little “sorry” since my english isn´t very good and for my, maybe, stupid questions… but i am a total newbe to Blender and my last 3D Project was around 12 Years ago :eek:

Last: A big THANKS! for all the nice tutorials i found here… you guys rock!!!

I don’t think you need that Obstacle, just a Domain (the tank) and a Fluid same size and shape as the water in the tank and placed where the water will be.

The rest I can’t help you with.


hi Fligh,
thanks for your reply. My “aquarium” is working, thats not the problem. Its a animation of the “filling up” i am doing. That works great, the problem are those “nests” which remain at some areas of the “Ground” which is an obstacle inside the domian.
Sadly its still not Baked and its running now for 12h… :smiley:
Baking is not Mulitcore-able or in an other way disrtibutable!!! too many dependencys i guess…