Fluid on the outside

Hello guys. I need help. I am trying to learn how to make water simulation and I am really annoyed with this error. After baking the water flows on the outside of the tube. IDK why??? It happends me almost in every cases.

Hi, i am guessing you didn’t set the resolution to high enough settings.

This is my settings

If your machine is capable try 180-200 or 240

I increased the resolution up to 240 and it’s really better. Thanks
But there is second problem. Idk why does it look like Minecraft. Do you know why?

Use Shade Smooth on the fluid.

I don’t know how to solve it. I increased smooth and resolution and it’s not still smooth.

CG Cookie has a tip for how to selectively smooth the voxelization artifacts that are against the obstacle using dynamic paint and a smooth modifier: https://youtu.be/Avos5B5H6E4

The built-in Blender simulator (Elbeem) has been known to produce these severe voxelization artifacts against obstacles when generating the mesh. If you are able to update to Blender 2.82 (released today), there is a new fluid simulation system called Mantaflow, which is a large improvement over the Elbeem simulator. Mantaflow is able to generate a smoother mesh against obstacles.

Thank so much guys!!! I fixed it. It’s not perfect but i finnaly know how to repair it!!!

I second @RLGUY’s recommendations. I have been using a beta version of 2.82, but have not gotten into the new fluid system much. It is very different from the previous version, though, so if you are just learning fluids, I wold suggest upgrading to the newer Blender version as this will be the system going forward. There is a lot of development ongoing with this, so there may be glitches, but they will be sorted out “soon” hopefully.

Why blender 2.82 doesn’t support my graphic card (CUDA-gpu?)? Previous version supported!!!

Have you enabled your GPU in Cycles Render Devices under System in the Preferences?

Yes i tried. I am gonna go back for previous version.