Fluid Particles Simulation

(Lohmi) #1

A test of different settings for Fluid Particles in Blender.

  1. One Emitter - 200.000 Particles - low Viscosity

  2. Three Emitter - 75.000 Particles - high Viscosity

  3. Three Emitter - 150.000 Particles - no Gravity - Turbulence + Harmonic Force-Field

  4. Three Emitter - 300.000 Particles - normal Viscosity

(davzeppelin) #2

wow, i watched this and you other animations on youtube, they’re really amazing!

are you on facebook too? Blender Artists has a facebook group, you could post your videos there as well

if you’re not on facebook just say the word and i’ll post them for you :-), specifying it’s your work and not mine… your simulations are really great, they deserve recognition…

(Lohmi) #3

Thank you very much.

In fact I am not on facebook. I deleted my account last year.

But if you like, feel free to post my work there.

I would appreciate that.