Fluid Physics, I must start the bake at XXXX frame


As the title says,

I have tried all night and read countless messages and cannot find the answer.
I came close with a youtube video showing how to with an older blender.

that guy uses IPO curve editor to accomplish this, the IPO curve editor is now called the Graph Editor, and nothing looks the same with the buttons he used.

I need to solve this due to the massive delays inbetween manually aligning the fluid domain to fit my animation.
I need to start baking at near the end of my animation, it takes a while to bake and every time I want to alter and adjust positioning i must rebake…

I have tried right clicking the EYE and CAMERA of the objects in the domain and tried turning off enabled for the water output…
It simply stops and starts the flow of water


I’m not sure if I understood everything right: you already have a “final” fluid sim and want to adjust its start frame?

If so, export your simulation to an alembic file and re-import it into blender. Then you can easily adjust the start frame for the alembic-imported object…