Fluid Problem

(I’m new here so sorry if this thread is in the wrong place…)

I’m new to blender (about two weeks) and I’ve been using the water simulator… It works pretty well with a small boundry but when I make the boundry really large it seems to have the liquid come from nowhere and it jumps around and acts really weird… It doesn’t even come from the Inflow object, and when I got it too the liquid went through the obstructions…

What I’m trying to do is get the water to flow from the faucet into the bowl untill it fills up and then have the fan suck the water out of there. The water just won’t act right… Sorry, I tryed to post the .blend file but it won’t upload onto geocities…:confused:


When you say large domain, are you talking about its size in blender units or it’s real world size? Also, what resolution are you running the simulation at? Do you have your obstacles set as shell or volume init? What about the inflow? What kind of mesh are you using for the inflow object?

And I’m not sure the fan’s going to work the way you want it to… but perhaps I’m misunderstanding your intent.

If you rescale the Domain/Fluid object (the Domain object “turns into” the fluid object/solution after baking), you will need to bake the fluid animation once again, otherwise everything will scale out of proportion.

That should fix it.

If you still are having problems, ensure on your obstacles that there are no double vertices (especially on the bowl if you used the spin function) w > Remove Doubles, and then Recalculate the normals to ensure that they are all pointing the right way > Ctrl_n .

Then if the fluid penetrates the obstacles, you may need to use a “stand-in” object of greater thickness or just increase the current obstacles thickness if that is acceptable.

I had some problems like this where if I span my glass it leaked…
But if I modelled my glass using the 3d techniques in blender (i.e. a cube extruded in several directions lots of times then subsurf’d) I got good results…
Maybe your facing the same issues?

I tryed and I can’t get it to work…

julesd-g6: hmm I was wondering how I would take a cube and make that into a glass… Right now I’ve been mostly doing tutorials.