Fluid problem?...

Hi blender friends!..

I have been for some time now, trying to get fluids working correctly!.
For the most part, i can do it!.
However, i always seem to have a problem getting the fluid to fall onto the floor as it should e.t.c?.
The bounding box is large enough to cover the scene and of course the floor it’s self!.

I also make sure that the floor and other objects are set to obstacle!..

As i say, everything else seem to work fine!.
While i’m on the subject too!..
From what i understand, particles in the fluid sim is to help create small droplets if i’m correct?.
May i ask what the Tracer particles are for as i have no idea and can’t seem to find an answer!.

Hopefully, i have attached a photo to show you what i mean in relation to the fluid problem i’m having!..

Would be greatful for any help!.
Many thanks!.

In order to get interactions with obstacles to work properly you have to increase the resolution when you bake. Unfortunately this will increase your bake times A LOT. I’m baking something now with the final resolution set to 300 and it looks like it may take days. Seems like this is a lot longer than it used to take,

My preview resolution was set to the default but my render resolution was set to something like 100 i think!.
That took a little while to bake out!..

Thank you for the advice, i will give it another go and see what i come up with!..

Do you also think the bounding box scale in the setting would make much difference also?.
If so, how would i go about making sure it’s of correct scale/ setting for this to work!.
I understand in the fluid settings there is an option to set the bounding box’s scale!.

I was also wondering if the bounding box’s subdivide setting would make a difference also?..Also in the fluid/ bounding box’s settings!..

Again, thank you for your advice Drobbins!.

Not sure about the scale but my guess would be increasing the subdivisions would help solve your problem and increase your bake time.
You’re basically trading off accuracy for speed
I’m no expert at this but I have played around with fluids quite a bit. Several new options have appeared lately and the bake times seem to have really increased

edit: changed the bolded subdivisions, I had typed resolution