Fluid Problem

I have made a pan and i want to make a fluid sim to have some oil on it.But i made the fluid sim and the fluid is going through it.I think it is because of the normals.How do i change it so that is will be good? and 1 more thing how do i loop cut a circle who is filled?


No one can help me?

How do i make it so that the fluid won’t go through the pan?

Apart from using a file hosting site that caused a number of dodgy websites to popup when I tried to download your file, and your filename ending in “.blend-” (note the ending dash). Your file has no fluid simulation set up and a sphere has zero dimensions.
The file is of no use.
I suggest you watch/read a number of fluid simulation tutorials such as http://cgcookie.com/blender/2010/03/29/introduction-to-fluid-simulator/

This is another sim.
glass.blend (491 KB)
Why does it go through in some places?

This problem is killing me.

I really don’t want to bake your sim, please post a vid of what is going wrong. The only suggestion I have from a cursory glance is try to keep your mesh completely inside the domain, so raise the position of the glass. Also I don’t see a material on the domain. I infer from this that you may be looking at the preview bake which is low resolution. This may look like a leak when it is not. try a render of the bake to see if you really are having fluid leak problems