Fluid question

Well, I think the question is in the right forum shrug

I’m just wondering normally how CPU intesive is baking a fluid sim. I’m trying my hand on a simple sim (the blenderwiki-tut with that box and sphere), lo-res and default settings and all. And after one hour it’s only baked up to 5 frames :frowning:

My CPU’s a Pentium dual-core 2.66Ghz, 2.66 Ghz and 1 GB RAM.

At this rate, I’ll need 10 hours to simply bake 50 frames of the tutorial fluid sim. Either my CPU ain’t powerful enough or I’m doing something wrong. How long did it take you guys to bake the same sim http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/SoCFluidTutorial1 ?

EDIT: Here’s the blend file btw: http://uploader.polorix.net//files/304/fluid_test.blend
Forget my own head next :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT AGAIN: Nevermind, got it to work after adjusting some bits and setting the res to 36 (4 megs). According to the tut it left the res at a default of 50 (12+megs). What a lot of difference with only a minor tweak.

1 hour for 5 frames at 50?

Well, something must be wrong. It would take maybe 1 hour for 5 frames at 100 something, but it shouldn’t be that slow at 50.

Aye, something indeed is wrong. I tried again with a fresh blend and it worked out alright at 50 res. Still slow, but a lot higher than 5fph. Don’t know what was wrong with the ol’ one though.

Did you by chance have A LOT of vertices in the first ball mesh?

Nope, I even tried deleting the ball and replacing it with a simple cube. It still baked at the same arthrithic pace. I don’t have the problem anymore of course, but it still is baffles me why it happened to be that way.

sometimes, little things mean alot.