Fluid question

I’ve seen lots of post and tutorials on pouring fluids into glass boxs and everything in between. I’m new to this program and fluids and have completed some of the tuts. but what I want to create is still fluid that moves with an object. So I have two questions.

  1. The object I want to place the fluid in is a can. Possible deformation so not a straight cylinder. Is this possible to just start the fluid stagnent in this shape?
  2. Second if I move the can in a vertical motion up will the fluid react to this motion and is there any special process to do this?
    Sorry for being some noobish about this but everyones got to start somewhere I guess and this forum seems to be very helpful to others.


I can’t really answer your first question, though that is something
I have been pondering myself. Check the lovely wiki page on
fluid simulation and hopefully that helps. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Fluid_Simulation
Pertaining to your 2nd question, the water will interact with the can moving
up, as long as you have the can set as an obstacle.
And don’t apologize for asking for help; That’s how you learn more things. :cool:

  1. Yes. Duplicate the interior faces of your can, seperate into a new object, lip your normals so they’re pointing outside, close off any open areas, and define the new object as your fluid.

  2. Do as Seargent_Oreo says. You may see the fluid pour through the walls of your can if the resolution is too low.

Thanks for the pointers. I’ll give them a try. I just didn’t want to start something without any direction cause it only takes infinitaly longer that way.