Fluid reacting early to collision

I am doing a basic object drop into a fluid. It’s been baking for hours but I can already see the impact splash, but the object hasn’t even touched the fluid yet. What could be causing this? I attached a screenshot of the issue. Thanks in advance!


Before you bake ensure you have applies the scale for all objects in the scene (Ctrl+A)

Thanks! I’ll give that a shot when it finishes. I’ll let you know how that went.

Stopped the bake and rebaked with lower resolution and it worked. Such an obvious solution, yet, it eluded me. You are a life saver, thank you!

Sorry to be that guy…

I celebrated too soon. Rebaked again at a slightly higher resolution and I’m still having the same problem. I applied the scale to all objects in the scene, deleted bake files, created new bake directory and still, the fluid reacts before being hit.