fluid render?

K im tring to do a fluid sequencs. im doing everting making the cube as domane and the other object as the fluid but whin i clik on bake noting hapens. the mouse hase the hourglass but it gose bake to normel.

Although I can’t give you an answer, I strongly advise you to check your spelling. Make it a little comfortable for those who shall answer.

it takes a long time to do fluid sim in blender. check your PC’s specs. or you may want to lower the resolution of the fluid.

No, this is common, for some reason the Fluid or Inflow has to be atleast 1-16th to 1-8th of the size of the domain on all Axis. Its a pian and I hope it is fixed.

you also need to set a path and name of where the fluid sim will put all the objects. something i’ve found is that on windows you cant have any spaces in the path or file name

No, this is common, for some reason the Fluid or Inflow has to be atleast 1-16th to 1-8th of the size of the domain on all Axis. Its a pian and I hope it is fixed.

Have you reported this in the bug tracker? Developers can’t fix issues they don’t know about,


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But not everyone in here has English as their native language.
In fact, you should be glad people are making an effort to use English at all.
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Im doing everything right. i did the exact same steps at my blender workshop and it work. When i hit bake on my computer i git a hourglass for awhil and then it just gos back to normal. Nothing happens

We really need a Step-By-Step tutorial for this fluid simulation. Not just a cube of water falling into a cube shaped tank. Being that this is a new feature in Blender, all of use here are noobs on this subject and need a tut to prevent the same question popping up at the forum so often.

There are step by step tutorials at the wiki in the manual



I saw that, but I was looking for something very “noob style”.

Here’s an animation that I did. The camera rotates around the splashing. I used the Blender Test Pattern on the liquid. Added some funky music too.

Click here to watch Fluid-in-Blender (2.0MB)

See the links in the page I linked,


I don’t think it is hardly possible to get any more ‘noob’ than that,


you cant get any more noob that that.


but i still got stuck.


step 7. i cant find the tab marked Fluids on my blender. im using 2.37a. help?

Now I see something. Thanks.

@ noidtluom You need to Download 2.4 version.

yeah i realised that shortly after i posted and looked at the 2.4 release log.

is there a way i can only install the fluid sim onto my 2.37a version? without downloading and installing blender again?


Here’s a better version of the fluid simulation.

Animation (wmv format):
Click here to watch Fluid-Simulation

No fluid sim without music!
nice work Spin
and thnx guys for the n00b tuts, gonna try this out.

You got to have music in your animations! That FREEPLAY music website has some cool tunes there. Royalty free for stuff like this.

Aw no man!
You’ve gotta write your own shit.
I’m writing kick ass tunes all of the time :]

EDIT: k, some people don’t get virtual irony, but I don’t have to spell it, do I?