Fluid sim advice

Hi guys

First time using fluid sim ever, followed this tutorial http://vimeo.com/60382343 and have got the basics down. I’ve been playing around with it some and not really gotten the effect I wanted. Thought it sensible to post & check to see whether what I’m trying to achieve is a matter of playing with the settings or perhaps it isn’t possible or needs to be done in a very specific way.

I’ve uploaded a schematic of what I had in mind.

Essentially I have two half cylinders, and the aim is for fluid to flow out of the inflow (circled in red, currently very small) and flow along the space between the two cylinders, coating the innermost cylinder as it goes.

Currently when I bake the simulation the fluid doesn’t respect the boundary of the outer cylinder and just falls out of it. There’s also no ‘build up of pressure’ of the fluid to force it along the space between the cylinders either…

Was thinking that to help the flow of liquid I could ‘tip’ the entire scene to the left (& rotate the camera an equal amount so that it looks level in the final animation?

Any pointers, tips etc greatly appreciated.


Make sure the normals are facing the right direction. Not sure if that’ll fix it or not, but I’m guessing that the fluid sim is going to be looking at normals to figure out which direction they should collide.