Fluid Sim - Air blast into water tank

Hi everyone,

I want to simulate an air blast into a water tank. Can this be done using Blender fluids? If so, how would I go about it? It’s different from dropping an object into water, as air is not a solid object. So would it be more like mixing two liquids of different viscosity?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!


An interesting problem …

There are 2 fluid sims in Blender. The LBM fluid simulator {from the physics tab} and the SPH fluid particles {from the particle tab for particle physics}

The LBM does not handle multiple fluids.
The SPH one can do 2 different fluids.

I have never tried to use the SPH one for non-mixing fluids, but I expect it will be difficult to get the settings right for having one set of ‘air particles’ inject themselves into a tank of ‘water particles’.

I approach I would use would be to use the LBM to make a jet of water exit a pipe and them fall up {negative gravity or upside down modelling} and be eliminated by an invisible outflow. This will then give you something that looks like the air flowing up and away. Then composite this with another LBM simulation of a tank of water with invisible objects moving in much the same trajectory as the air to create disturbances on the surface of the tank.

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Thank you for your reply!

I’ll keep playing around with it. But for a start I have a potentially stupid question: how can I create a tank that is pre-filled with SPH particles (like, in the LBM simulator, you would simply use a box and declare it a fluid)? So far I only found out how to use particle emitters.

No problem, I had some fun trying to create a nice render.

Which is half the idea, since it has the air bubbles, but it needs to have a roiling surface.

Particles have to be emitted somehow … so I think you will need to do a SPH simulation in 2 stages.
First emit particles to fill the tank, let the system reach stable state, then inject the air particles.

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