fluid sim: breathing problem

this is my first post here. I believe its the right forum
I have set up a somewhat large domain (default cube scaled 3-6 times).
Also My camera is half submerged in water(like in those nature shows about fish, and crocodiles).
But on baking, the surface of my fluid bobs up and down for no reason like its breathing.
It gets smaller at higher resolutions and lower compressibility but since my camera is on the surface it is quite noticeable. Can some one tell me how I can avoid this?

P.S. My fluid is the same domain copied (Shift+D) but with half the height. since I want the fluid to be still in the beginning I cannot have the fluid object smaller than the domain (cause it will fall down).

Animation forum is a better place, someone like Fligh or AvdyD is more likely to find you there. Posting the blend would also help

I hope they won’t take cross posting seriously.