fluid sim, default file problem

ok. When i bake, blender wants to put all the littl files into a folder i dont want all those file in. How do i switch the default folder for those little files to go into?
I know you can click the select directory, but thats getting anoying. Is there a way to make it so the baked files automaticly go into my new folder?

its wanting to put thoses baked filles into one of my folders for a project for school. So i made a new folder simply named fluid, thats were i want all those little files to be put into. How do i switch it from what it is now, to my new folder?

Select the domain object. At the bottom of the fluid simulation tab is the directory where it’s going to put the files.

yah, i already knew that, do you have to do that every time you bake? Is there a way to make were i want those file to be a default for em. So i dont have to go through that directory thing every time i bake?

If only for that sim then just save the file. If for all future sims then add it to an empty file and Ctrl-U to save as default.


Sweet!! Thank you so much!!! I dindt know about the ctrl u thing. Thanks, i’ll remember that! :smiley: