Fluid Sim Exported meshes: Mesh Too Small

When I create a fluid simulation in blender, I start out with a large sphere, say, with a radius of 2.5 (diameter of 5 units).

I am developing a plugin for truespace 7.6 which imports the gzipped data files, and converts the files to native truespace format (RsObj). When I load the data files, I see that the meshes are much smaller. Instead of a radius of 2.5, the mesh is about one tenth that size. Also, the coordinates of the mesh are much smaller. In blender, the mesh would be at 5, 0, 5, but the coordinates in truespace are never < -1, and never > +1. The plugin only reads the raw data from the bobj.gz files, and writes that data into truespace format. No transformations are applied. So truespace is not modifying the values.

I do not understand why the data in the bobj.gz files are so different from what I see in blender. What am I missing here? Has anyone attempted to load the bobj.gz files into another application (other than truespace)?