Fluid Sim Extreme long bake times

Scenario, filling a bottle with fluid and rotate.

A a static bottle object the fluid sim bake quickly, but once I rotate the bottle on it’s side the fluid sim takes 10 times as long for each frame

My work project has bake times 3 minutes/frame (no rotate) and 30-40 minutes bake/frame with rotate

what appears to be happening is the fluid simulator is looking at the entire scene and not the next frame.

or am I missing something to speed up this process.

test no rotate.blend (808 KB)
test rotate.blend (810 KB)

You need to apply the object scales on all those objects, and the rotations on anything that isn’t dynamically rotating (the domain, in particular). Ctrl-A in object mode. That should clear up some of the problems.

okay let me try that

making sure everything is same size value made no difference…it appears that Blender’s Fluid Sim is taking account the entire sequence, even though the object is static to 180 frames Blender still takes in account the object is moving and there for increases the bake time dramatically over 10 times as long.

Side note, I have a backup computer that is lower specs than my main system. The same Blender scene run on both system there is a notable difference in bake time. The back up system bakes twice as fast as my main system that’s got me stumped.

system A: AM FX 8120 (8 core) clocked at about 3.8 MHZ 16 GB ram Asus M5A97 R2.0

system B: AMD Phenom X6 3.2Mhz 8 GB ram Asus M5A97Evo

by the time System A bakes 3 frames system B has baked 8 frames