Fluid Sim Feat. Cycles (Question about a bug inside)

My latest test using the fluid sim (also my first attempt at using the translucent shader). Let me know what you think!

(not sure why the video isn’t embedding - click required :confused:)

Also, in all of my fluid sim tests there are these glitchy lines that seem to be a part of the fluid mesh. It’s like a random stretched out triangle is trying to face some random vertices in the fluid sim itself. Is that a known bug or is it more likely my settings are incorrectly setup? Any help is much appreciated!

not sure why the video isn’t embedding
Use the full link to the video

Nice! (motion blur in cycles would be very welcome at this point)

I would love to see motion blur implemented soon, an important peice of the puzzle :slight_smile:

Nice simulation. You can get motion blur by switching over to Blender Internal and then going to the compositer, import your final cycles render as an image sequence node, apply a vector blur, rename and render. Hope that is useful.

Thanks for the advice! My understanding though is that this technique will not work with the cycles camera aperture blur. Would be nice to see a motion blue implemented within Cycles that wouldn’t require the work around and limitations.