Fluid sim fill up and overflow?

Hi All,

I am playing around with the fluid simulator in 2.49.

I have spent hours, but it can not seem to do this basic task.

I have a domain, an obstacle and an inflow.

The obstacle is a cube with an indentation (to hold fluid). I want the fluid to fill up the inside of the obstacle, overflow over the sides of the obstacle.

Try as I might, Blender can not seem to accomplish this. Or more accurately, I can not get Blender to accomplish this.

Is this possible using the Blender fluid sim? Or have I run into a limitation in the current state of the software?

I am attaching my BLEND.


fill_up_overflow_1a.blend (128 KB)

If you are interested in this, Ive given up on fluids.I see so many post. " cant control fluids". I sculpted the shape of the water and put a animated texture on it. I have so much more control over the shape. Ive been working on a creek . I have a blend file , but i don’t know how to make it small 1.3 mb. If you are interested in this, its faster then doing fluids over and over. Today I am going to work on animating the sculpt. Also it makes you feel more like a artist then having a computer generated shape. Its fast and easy .It would be good to see what someone else could make this way

the inflow obj MUST have volume:
1.blend (167 KB)

Atom. It should work. I think the inflow has to be a volume and so I have added a cube and added a negative initial flow. Your resolution of 1 does not seem to work and I have changed it to 25. I have also changed the end time back to 0.30 (I can’t remember what these times do offhand but it is not what you would expect).


fill_up_overflow_1arev.blend (167 KB)

A couple of things to remember. For an inflow you want a negative z inflow velocity for it to pour downwards and always reset all your objects scale values back to 1 (Ctrl+A/1) before the simulation. Use a realistic real world size (why is this set to 10m) and your simulation time. To make best use of your fluid resolution always make your domain just big enough for what you need (the domains longest dimension is what the real world size value is)

Thanks for the replies!

@Ionee:I just noticed your new avatar. Looks good.

The AlanK example is very close to what I need.

@Richard: I thought I would try and make a waterfall so I am blocking out the water course with mesh obstacles. I really wanted 1,000 meters, but 10 is as high as it goes. And I want the simulation for 10-30 seconds, not fractions of moments.

I’ll keep that scaling in mind. Typically, I put my obstacle and domain objects into editmode and then scale at that level but it is easy to forget and scale at the object level.

@kazinger: If you can post a blend file here or on www.pasteall.org, I would love to see the sculpting approach you mention?

Thanks :):D:)