Fluid sim for lava lamp?

Hi , I’m working on a lava-lamp right now as I’m sure you already realised from the title.
I was wondering if anybody had an idea as to how i get the actual ‘lava’ to look right, I was thinking a fluid sim of some kind because it would be nice to do an animation, But I’m really not sure.

Any tips at all would be nice.
Thanks, Paul.

The fluid simulations are very non-cooperative… Even at zero G, I don’t think you could do anything that would resemble the lava lamp effect. I think a tiny particle system using big meta-balls as particle objects might do the trick. Check this:
(Not my work.) At least a particle system will allow you to animate the blobs with wind, a force field, curve guides, and what-not.

I was thinking metaballs. Thanks , this is exactly what i needed.

I wanted to try kaluuras idea. Im not good at particles. I was surprised when i go it to work. ha ha .lava lamp.blend (654 KB)lava lamp.blend (654 KB)