Fluid Sim Help. Short Animation included

Basically I am working on a short project,
and need to get fluid into mancandy’s cup.


This is a draft,took 20 minutes of work,
I’ve adding more since then but my situation remains the same.
I need to have fluid in the cup,
I have a pretty fast computer and can have a large domain.
When I have a fluid object in the cup,it treats it like the cup is a closed cube.
The blend has some dependencies,
attaching it would be a pain but I can do it if you want.

And if your remotely curious what going to happen.
He’ll get hit with the marble,
wonder what happened go back to the coffee,
then get smacked by something bigger.
Get’s up all peeved then gets knocked out with a brick.
I’ve only gotten half way through the animation though.

The cup needs to be an obstacle, with a domain around it.

well, if you’re just animating the water in the cup, it might be easier to try using a displacement modifier/ other methods than fluid - since fluid might be a little bit overkill.
here’s one method:

another is to use a displacement modifier with a texture and animate an empty to control this modifier.

I really need fluid since in the latter part of the animation ti will be heavily utilized.
I finally got the fluid ti work somewhat.
At 200 RES it works but the velocity for the fluid is weird when the cup moves,
and the fluid sort of floats in the cup.
What could I be doing wrong?
It takes 2 minutes for a frame of 200 res fluid so I’m okay there but I can’t get it to work.