Fluid sim help

I just got Blender 2.42, but i can figure out how to do the fluid sim.I could do it in 2.40, but 2.42 is different.Does anyone know how to do it?

Could you be more specific about what is and what is not working for you? IIRC, one of the changes in 2.42 was the effects section in the object buttons. Look for a red and yellow button (looks a bit like particles) in the header. The tooltip says “Physics Buttons”. You could also hit F7 a second time and that should get you to something you’re familiar with.

Hmmmmm, just did the tuts over the noon ( http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/SoCFluidTutorial1 ) and although the panel has changed, I had no problem in following them…
As Fweeb already asks, what has you stumped?

in 2.40, if i just put a cube around an icosphere, set the icosphere as fluid and the cube as domain and press bake, it would simulate in kind of a square.But in 2.42, it just spreads out.