fluid sim: I can't get it to do anything reasonable

Simple workflow: I have a glass: obstacle. Then I create cube bigger than everything else in the scene: domain. Then icosphere in the midair above the glass: fluid. Go to advanced, set scale to 0.700 (the domain being about 70cm high), resolution 150, gravity seems ok, -9.81. I hit BAKE.

The fluid slowly floats down, almost like no gravity at all. WHAT?

It seems to work somehow with considerably lower scales, but it seems different from time to time. Does the scale keep the same or is it adding up with the scale from previous calculation or what? How do I reset the simulation competely between calculations if so? Deleting the output files doesn’t seem to change anything. And why doesn’t 0.7 scale work like it should according to the docs???

I’ve tried several times, and the best results I’ve got look more like mud than any real fluid. Please, what am I doing wrong here? Or is it just too early in developement to really work with?

How much time (real-world time) do you want the simulation to take place in?

Well for example 250 frames which is ten seconds…?

The simulation settings have a real-world time to simulate (in seconds, I believe). You need to set this right or your simulation will look like it’s in slow-mo… or fast forward.

Thanks a lot… How did I miss that from the wiki page tutorial? Or is it not there at all? :-?

It would make a lot more sense if it would say “simulation start” and “simulation end” and would be in frames like everything else.

edit: the reason is mostly just me being tired and dumb, to be honest. 8)