Fluid Sim not working right


I have a Bowl Object set as effector - Collison and a thickness of 0.5 as setting 0 the particles just go through the bowl

The Domain is a large-ish box around the scene set as fluid liquid - the res divisions set above 32 as below that number nothing shows when being simulated.

A circle filled in is set as my fluid, inflow and surface emission of 1 if set as 0 nothing shows as being emitted.

If anyone can assist in the best way to set up fluid sims so there’s an extremely high chance of working each time that would be great.This text will be hidden


Hi Ryan, welcome to the site. The default settings often don’t work with collision objects - I’ve never found one that didn’t need tweaking. I’m not sure what the units are here but I always have to set my surface thickness to 1 to get anything to behave as expected.