Fluid Sim, Particle and Mesh

Hello everybody,

I am trying to create a fluid simulation where a fish is jumping out of the water.
If anybody has some tips how this can be realized it would be very nice if you could share them with me. Because at the moment my simulation does not look good.

I am still figuring out the settings for the fluid sim, so my animation is kept very basic. So there is just a basic object which is jumping out of the water.
This object is set in the fluid sim to “obstacle” with an impact 0.35
For the domain it’s more or less the basic settings.
One of my problems is now that I set up “Domain Particles”
Tracer Particles 1000
Generate Particles
Domain Boundary: subdivision 2

But in the animation no particles show up. If I increase the impact of the obstacle so that the splash is getting bigger, than particles show up. But I don’t want to have such a big splash, because it looks very unrealistic compared to the size of the object.
So I am very confused why the particles doesn’t show up…

I have attached the blend file, so you can see all setting I have done. Maybe not all settings are correct.

And I have another question. After the fluid is baked how can I make an animation, so that the fluid doesn’t move at a certain point and only the camera is rotating around the fluid?? The effect can be seen in this link:

I would appreciate every help…

Thanks in advance
Greetings Dechgo


fish_jump_obstacle.blend (490 KB)


so I gave up using the fluid simulation for creating the splash effect when the fish jumps out of the water.
I only use now multiple Particle Systems instead.
Its much easier to control and change the splash effect with the Particle Systems and the result is at the moment much better than everything I was able to achieved with the fluid sim…

But if anybody still have an idea how to use the fluid sim for this, I am still curios to know this…

Greetings Dechgo