Fluid sim problem

I was doing the second fluidsim tutorial at mediawiki.blender.org and everything was going just fine but when I render the animation, some of the last frames look like this:

When they should look something like this frame:

Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone have any idea why the material gets messed up like that?


Has no one seriously ever had this problem? This happens everytime I try to change the material of the fluid, and not just in 2.4, but in all the early versions, too.


No, I could never get far enough to make the fluid stay in a container, let alone texture it.

Yes, I’ve seen that happen in the same tutorial… I applied the subsurf, instead of having it calculated at rendertime and I increased the resolution… This made it go away… (the stripey appearance).

However, I still have a similar problem to your render. Water that ends up on the ‘floor’ or straddles the glass on the outside seems to lose its transparency and looks more like oil than water (i.e. black). When the water flies through the air or comes back bouncing out of the glass it looks fine. Any ideas?

Thank you, Ryx. I’ll try that out. As far as the darkening of the liquid is concerned, I actually don’t think this is an error. It is just the darker colour of the plane coming through because the fluid is right against it. It looks natural in the final animation, I think.