Fluid sim problem

check this out:

this is a fluid sim, where i drop some balls into the water, but i get really big holes…

what am i doing wrong?

Maybe its your mesh for the fluid sim? What did you use for the fluid is it a cube with only four vertices? Perhaps you could subdivide it a few times and then set smooth and subsurf.J ust a thought.

Subdividing should not make a difference. Not setting smooth either since that is only about shading. Increasing the resolution of the simulation would make a difference however. But I doubt that it would change the results you got since the sim looks to be quite high res.

Another thing to try would be to decrease the viscosity (your water looks like honey) or increase the world size.

Then there has been a discussion in a nother thread with Nils, the integrator of the fluid sim, about the fluid anticipating moving objects. He knows there is something fishy there in the current releases. That might be a part of your problem.

it looks like maybe you scaled the balls smaller than their initial size and did not “apply” the sizing.

it think this should clear it up for you, I’ve had this problem too.