Fluid-Sim question

Just this weekend I started playing around with the new fluid sim features. I followed some of the tutorials, with water pouring into a cup or bowl of some kind.

Now that I’ve got the basic premise of it, I’m trying to more complicated interactions. One thing that I have not been able to figure out so far is how to make the water into more of a stream of water. In the tutorial, the water is more of a ‘lump’ of fluid which more or less falls down into the cup. If I wanted to make a stream of water, say water coming out of a hose for example, how would I do that?

I would assume an inflow object… like a hose with perhaps a sphere in the end of it being the inflow object. Haven’t tried that feature, but that’d be my guess…

Rys is right about the inflow, really cool, u can make a hose or even a waterfall with it, and remember the outflow, or u gonna fill ur scene rather quickly :slight_smile: