Fluid Sim River

Okay, so I set up a river scene for a part of my movie that I’m working on for my website.

The river consists of an inflow and an outflow and works perfectly fine. The only problem was that the audience would have to watch the river actually fill up because it wasn’t full the whole time. When it was like this I could easily use animated collision objects getting thrown into the river.

Now I made the river full the whole time by changing the start time to .5 and the end time to 1.34. Now the only problem is that the fluids aren’t detecting my animated collision object.

Does anyone know how I could possibly fix this?



I don’t know about your objects, there are lots of things that could be set wrong, but to avoid having to set the start time to .5, you could create an object thats the rough shape of your river and set it to “Fluid”. The volume of the object will be converted to fluid at the start of the simulation. This way, you don’t have to wait for it to fill up.

Just some thoughts on the non-working objects. First, make sure they’re on the same layer as all your other stuff. Then, you might could check your settings and make sure the objects are enabled as obstacles.

Good luck.

just create your movie the original way that worked, but then load the movie in the Sequence Editor, and drag it to the left so that frame 1 of the strip is like -100. Then, when you render from frame 1 to whatver, you are actually starting in the middle of the movie, thus skipping the fill-it-up part.
OR, when you render to make the movie, change your STA: start from under the Anim button to 100 or whatever to thus skip the fillitup part.