Fluid sim + smoke sim

A while back I had an idea that smoke and fluids are essentially the same thing in real life, but just in different states (liquid + gas), so shouldn’t I be able to simulate fluid in the smoke simulator?



but I could if I can find a way to stop smoke from gaining / loosing heat.
If I could achieve this it would be particularly awsome for things like froth on waves and evaporating water, plus it would be easier to mix fluids of different colours, like when you pour milk into tea it looks a bit like smoke.

So if anyone is a coder and interested maybe you could take a look?


simulate most physics in same domains.

aye, i read about physbam [in fact it’s where i got this idea], and i also read somewhere that it woulnt be portable to blender :stuck_out_tongue:
plus, the smoke simulator runs miles faster than the fluid sim [realtime in some cases].
we wouldn’t even need meshing around the fluid, just a reflection option in the volume panel…

but i can easily understand that it’s not possible.

ill have another look a physbam :slight_smile:

there is somethng being work by Farthery i think
to mix different liquids that should come later on in 2.7
hope as soon as possible

This is similar to how the physics integrate together in Maya. There is no “smoke simulator” there, you just have to setup the parameters differently for gas than for liquid.

^that’s what i mean^