Fluid sim stops baking after frame 1 HELP

Fluid sim stops baking after frame 1
I am using the 2.56a 64-Bit Blender on Windows
When I go over 99 resolution it stops baking it never used to to that before I can not get it to work.

Please Help

Blend file ?

I will give it but all of them fail and once it stops working lowering the resolution it back does not help


Water.blend (498 KB)

Use Ctrl+A / scale for all objects to reset their scale value.
Make you fluids stay inside the domain, not extend out of it.
Set your domain viewport display from preview to final to see what the fluid is really doing.
Your fluid sphere also needs an initial -z velocity in its setting or it won’t move anywhere in the simulation.
Your real-world size is very very small, do you really need it to be 1mm?

No but what would be a good size for it because it is a water drop and I want it to be realistic water
I had it set to final before but it is now working and I changed the -Z because i was trying to see if it was a bug from that but thanks it works

The real world size setting is the longest dimension of the domain object.
What are you trying to simulate? Are you looking for it to be the size of a cup of water, a bath of water, a swimming pool of water ? (the maximum size you can input is 10m). Just use a realistic value, like 10cm (value of 0.1) http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Physics/Fluids#Resolution

I was looking for a cup sized like 3 inches but I will use .1

I have encountered the same problem on 64-bit on a Mac.

I’m on 64 bit linux mint, blender 2.56a, with a 10m domain size and having the problem that at frame 30 (when my fluid makes first collision) it stops baking on fluidsims resolution >200ish. It doesn’t crash, just the fluid stops baking. If your domain is as small as you say and you have any gravity, your first collision would be just about frame one. I wonder if it is for similar reasons. Maybe a bug? I know 2.56 had some fluid problem, hence the release of 2.56a.

A few days later now - I don’t think it’s a bug (at least for me) - I think I was just pushing the limits of my machine. I was trying to bake fluid over 240 frames set for 10 seconds. (accurate time) I think what went wrong was that on collision blender suddenly had way too much water motion to calculate between frames. So I changed my frames so it could calculate it in smaller increments by upping it to 1200 frames (I can tell it to skip frames for the render now if I want to get realistic time for I , I just don’t know how this solution will effect vector blur if I use it).
After a couple days of keeping my fingers crossed and baking at 512 resolution, I am convinced the resolution alone wasn’t the issue - the bigger problem was the amount of work blender had to do between frames.

I’ve have both a 64bit and a 32bit machine and I also have problems when baking fluid on the 64 bit machine, it dosn’t stop but it goes extreamly slow and the fluid stops behaving properly it just seems to go everywhere!
after playing around for a while I found that the problem happens when the fluid comes into contact with the positive Y extream of the domain, so I am guessing that it is a problem with one of the 32bit integers or pointers in the code that hasn’t been updated for the 64 bit code.

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