Fluid Sim time problem

i really don’t get whats going on.

for some reason when i increase the frames in the scene to make the video longer & all it dose is slow down my video so it will fit in the time frame & i could increase the fps but if i do that then my video will be very short an if i increase the frames all it will do is make it the video longer to render but it will be the same speed.

an i already tried increasing the world size in advanced settings so please help.

i got 1 good video at 4-seconds long / 100 frames / and 25 fps.

like why dose that happen the only thing that should affect the speed is the fps? lol

You set the ‘real time’ of the simulation in the fluid settings and then set the number of frames and played back frames per second to cover this time period. To get a real time animation, these all have to match.


I believe that the real time is set to seconds so that you set 1 second in real time to match 25 frames, so at 100 frames your real time is 4 seconds that is why that one worked out for you so well.

well i think you guys got it.

thank you.