Fluid sim

My first playing with the new feature: a large (35 MB) video of a column of water breaking down, rendered with yafray

An example:

and the blend file:

I love the fluid sim :smiley:

Greets, Pol

Miljaar! Great stuff!
Try this with yafray.
Thnx for the blend


Looks good, though I’ve seen a lot of boxs full of water, how bout someone trying a waterfall or a shower head or something else new? :slight_smile:


well thnx a lot for throwing it at me :]

Be my guest

How bout reading for a change :stuck_out_tongue:

how about placing an angular map for better reflections?

How about people spend more time modeling and less time rendering…When the render time looks like it took longer than the work put into the scene, you will get bad comments…people I think want to be impressed…and fluid in a box is fluid in a box, thanks for sharing but I think its a little lame…

ok let´s sse it this way:
the only way you will get nice renders with nice comments, it´s making new things, or showing hard work.
Maybe making the fluid sim was hard for you (if you are a beginner), but you should consider that eeeeeveryday we see the same stuff.
Learning modelling techniques is a good start to impres people. then go on textures, lights, FXs, etc.

So keep working!

I’m a complete beginner so I’m not very good at modeling.
This is my best model so far and it isn’t good:

Here’s another quickie with the fluid sim:

And of course the blend file

I really want to learn to model but I have no idea where to start…
How can I place an angular map for better reflections?

Greets, Pol

I think you underestimate yourself - That’s actually quite good

Pay no attention to that crap.
If blobby forms, cool colours and weird animation is your game like me then blobby forms, cool colours and weird animation is your game.
So be it.
All I see here is too many people modelling “stuff” and too few creating effects.
If you want to know what kind of things you can do with Blender apart from the usual check this vid.

Pol I ment no disrespect, I thought that the fluid sim render looks good, but like was stated earlier, it’s been done to death. I’m glad you are trying new things and can’t wait to see what you do next, I like your controler and looks quite good. Don’t worry about anything, just keep pushing yourself to try new things and have fun, otherwise what are you doing it for right? :wink:

Hehe no sweat, no disrespect taken
I know it has been done way too many times but you can’t ignore the ‘cool’-factor of the new feature :slight_smile:
Here’s what I’m up to next, I hope I can finish this project.

Greets, Pol

I also ment no dis-respect, but when you spit back comments when people give you advice, people tend to spit back.

You seem like you have taken to blender very well, I hope you stick with it.

Just remember that just because its a first to you, does not mean it is a first to us. If they paid us to look at fluid sims, spheres, and cubes I would retire.

The alien is a cool project, Make sure you use the loop tool its your best friend when modeling heads :slight_smile: also make sure you use all tris or all quads, it may not smooth just right if you have tris in a quad model. Hope this helps, and good luck.

Thanks, I’m really beginning to love blender :slight_smile:
Maybe the alien is a bit too difficult for me but I’ll try it anyway…


Greets, Pol