Fluid sim...

When I go to bake it, it comes up with a error message. well, first it says somthing about some settings that were changed and then it comes with the error message that says “Fluidsim bake error: Faild to initialize[Msg:” and that is it. what have I done wrong?


Before you hit “Bake” did you enter an output directory for the simulation files? If not then a box comes up asking essentially if you want to output them to the last directory you saved a file in. Where ever you save it to will have hundreds new files stored there.

Not sure about the other message. Could it be due to an improper setup of the simulation?

Setting the directory fixed the message about the setting being changed, but I still get the error meg, What do I need to have a compleet fluid sim?
because maybe I’m missing somthing, or I could have a setting wrong or somthing.

Well assuming you’re starting with Blender’s default settings, a simple test can go like this.

1 Add cube.

2 Add icosphere inside cube at subdivision 2.

3 scale icosphere down till it fits nicely in cube.

4 Switch to Object Mode and go to the Fluid Simulation Panel.
(F7>>Physics Buttons>>Fluid Simulation tab)

5 With sphere selected, click Enable then Fluid.

6 Select the cube and click Enable then Domain.

7 Choose an output directory, then click Bake.

:frowning: it did not work, is there somthing I need to install for it to work?

After looking around here it seems there a bug in the simulator.
I haven’t experienced it but some others have with both OSX and Win XP.
Here’s a thread that discusses it.
In it there is a suggestion for a work aroud for OSX users.


If you’er using Windows XP then the only thing I can think of is try an older version with the fluid simulator.

ok, thanks. By the way… I’m a XP user :frowning: