Fluid Sim.

I have a Few Fluid Sims on Youtube.com.
Here is my favorite one:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go-75lXWqD4
Nobody comments them, but tell me what you think.(I also have 9 more fluid and softbody sims on there.)

Bloom is overdone, theres too much of it, also the water color is simply too blue-ish try toning that down a little. And finally im not sure if its because the computers at school are slow or wtv but the simulation seemed to be slow-mo so might want to look at that too.

Id dyou use a node setup for this?

No nodes, just the Sequence editor. I know it was over done and it was to blue. I did it on a very old PC, and blender was going so slow that i didn’t even want to mess with the settings. The reason it’s slow is because the domain size was 45 or something like that, and i turned the Realworld size slider to 1. Be sure to check my other vids.

This one is in a very small domain, and it is 6 fluids with higher and higher resolution,(Starting at 25)

Hmm, odd that that would be the reason it looks slow, I thought it was that the animation was for 0,3 sec but stretched of 250 frames (at 25 fr/sec aka 10 sec) or something. I havent really messed with realworld size much top be honest.

My computer refuses to bake fluids at a resolution over 220 or around there.

I’ve tried to do 200, but it just freezes up on my machine(1gig ram) I Put it as 1000 Frames, and it took a day or so to render and bake.

I see, well just to make sure, you did set the end time to be 40 sec right? ( 1000 frames / 25 (frames/sec) = 40 sec). If not then there is your slowmo problem. In anyway case, the second video was quite interesting,really shows the importance of high res baking.

No, i didn’t touch the end time slider. Thank you, I did it just to see how much the difference was in a small domain, 25 res looked like a bunch of blocks when i was baking it.

You can always look up for Lord Of The Rings Junkie’s tutorial on fluid simulation, its quite complete.

i will, but i know what everything in the fluid panel does.

Ok well good luck with your future simulations :slight_smile: