fluid sim

Ok I’m trying to pour water (with fluid sim) out of a bottle, but the problem is it always gets stuck and wont come out, if I make the bottle bigger then it comes out fine, so I think the fluid is to thick? or something like that any suggestions?

PS I’ve tried looking for an answer but found nothing and I’m new here so I hope this is the right place to post. Thanks.

Perhaps the resolution of the domain is too low, try to increase it, I’m just a guessing…

I have been playing around with some fluid sims, recently.

There is an example file, here, that shows how to have fluid overflow from a container. Perhaps you can learn something from it…?

Ok thanks guys I got it working in the end, and yes upping the resolution did help also I had to change the size of different parts. I would have thought there is an easier way but I learnt from it so.