Fluid simulation aborts mid calculation


I have been trying to shatter a (full) coffee cup, but so far to no avail. I have modeled everything to my specifications so far, but when I try to bake the fluid at the final 200 resolution, it stops before the bullet hits the cup. Here is the video:


Can anybody tell me, please, why this is happening? Anyway to circumvent this?


Hi, i have been testing a bit and it seems you need to set the fps to 25 and the fluid end to 1.0 (i really have no clue why, but then it started to work… i would have assumed as well 10 … as in 10 seconds for 250 frames)
So i baked a sample simulation with resolution 100… (i dont upload the cache files, too big) this took a while… and unfortunately i forgot to compile my mac build with clang-omp 3.5 (to have multiple simulation threads), so i rebuilt it here and i am uploading it currently all
here… (a sample video, the blend and a new build of my fracture modifier, WITH OpenMP…)

Edit: upload done :slight_smile:


Thanks, scorpion81! It seems Blender doesn’t like us to abuse fluids with too much resolution or too much mobility for the liquid. 1.0 to fluid end means my coffee gets to have way more viscosity than I intended, but oh, well.

Have a great week!