Fluid simulation and my .blend file

I’ve been having a really weird problem with Blender. Zipped .gz files are appearing in my .blend file. I think they are being created as a result of creating fluid simulations. There can be as many as 25 of these files for each simulation. I’m guessing that this is not supposed to happen! Has anyone else been having this problem, and does anyone know what I should do? Thanks. %|

Those are created when using the Fluid Simulation. They are supposed to be there, so you’ve got no worries.:smiley:

From the Fluid Documentation:

Don’t be surprised, but you’ll get whole bunch of mesh (.bobj.gz) files after a simulation… basically 2 for each frame, they contain the simulation result - so you’ll need them. Currently these files will not be automatically deleted, so it is a good idea to e.g. create a dedicated directory to keep simulation results, and manually delete them when they’re not needed anymore.


Yep, when making fluid sims, I usually get hundereds of these things… when baking, specify that they baked files should go to a certain folder. (its in the domain options below BAKE)

Thats a relief! I’m happy to know that the files are completely normal for this version. I’ll move them out of my .blend file. It was beginning to get crowded! Thanks guys! :smiley:

Fluid Simulation? Do you mean with metaballs or is this some special build?

Fluid simualtion is one of Blender’s newest features. It’s in the 2.40 alpha version that was just released on Blender’s homepage. You can make meshes act like a liquid. It’s a really neat feature. You can get some great results very quickly. :slight_smile:
There’s not too much on the web yet about learning fluid simulation because it’s only a few weeks old. If you want to learn more about it, I’d recommend that you look at lococobra’s mini-tutorial. It’s a topic in this forum from a few days ago. You should check it out!

SHABA1: If you want more info, you can see a tutorial I made about it at https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=53563