Fluid simulation control


I’m sorry if this is really obvious, or isn’t in the right category, but hopefully someone will be nice enough to help me :slight_smile:

I’m reasonably experienced when it comes to fluid simulation, but one thing I can’t work out is how to make a “fluid” or “inflow” object only function after a certain time or frame. I know it could be done by making the object much higher, but that isn’t very practical.

Is there any way to make one fluid object effective at frame 1, another start at frame 23 and another at fram 120 (for example)?

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The fluid objects don’t participate unless they’re inside the domain. Move the fluid you want to delay outside the domain at frame 1 and insert a location key, set another loc key one frame before you want it to start, move it inside the domain on the start frame and set another loc key. I did a quick test and got this:

Now, how do we mix two different color fluids <grin>?

Ooooh yeah! Cool. Ta.

Hah, we’ll have to wait until version 5.0 :slight_smile: