Fluid simulation crashes also on lower resolution

Hi, I’ve been trying following the tutorial on Blender Cookie about Cell-Fracture Add-on, but when i’m on the fluid simulation Blender just keeps crashing even if I use a resolution of 10…
This is the scene

Hello Nico_, i’ve tried your file and it crashes too. There are some reasons for this. First your fluid object is mismatched. You can see this in the edit mode. I think you have created this object with the cell-fractured tea-cup. Now there are a lot of origins in the fluid object. Kill this and create a new one. Second problem is the very low sample resolution of ten. Blender can`t handle this very low resolution with a lot of collision objects. Try at minimum 65 samples for the final and the preview. If Blender crashes again then the samples are still to low. The reason for this is a lot of collision objects (every peace of the tea-cup). I tried a sample number of 200 for the final and the preview. But the backing time expands a lot and i break it. I think the time factor is to low with 0.05 (this is only 0.05 seconds). Try higher values.

With greetings and wish you success,