Fluid Simulation data problem


I bake fluid simulation -> select 1 frame -> apply fluid simulation modifiers.
Now i feel like some cordinates data is missing from domain (fluid) OB, because i can’t render with external renderer (Indigo) and i cant see median point in edit mode.
And if i dublicate in edit mode and grab to another point and delete original -> grab back to 1st position, then when i render the object aint there (and when i save blend file it saves mutch faster 10-20x, but when i reopen file i can see the OB). Sometimes when i grab in edit mode Blender starts calculating 30min-1h never finishes and the start bar tab flashes (goes away and comes back).

Domain is ~6M faces memory is not full, cpu 1 core is in use. Same problem is with very low resolution fluid simulation models. Sometimes there are some frames that can be rendered (no error like: IndigoDriverExcep: SceneLoaderExcep: Syntax error while parsing real 3-vector ‘1.#INd00 -1.#IN00 -1.#IN00’)

Removing doules and optimizing meshes didn’t help. Normals are ok, mesh looks good and clean.

Does anybody know how to convert fluid simulation to standard object, and or how to find remove bad data from that object? Or maybe more stable fluid simulation settings?

Can i convert fluid mesh (all water droplets) to a multible separate objects?
So i can see that object name what stops renderer from rendering and i can delete it.

I belive i have found out how to produce renderdable fluid simulations.
The fluid object must only have 4 verteks faces before u start baking.

I can now render even fluid particles in air yeee :yes:

The fluid object can have more than 4 faces. You can make a fluid object out of a sphere for example. To convert the fluid to a rel object, go to the frame where you want to make it and object and apply the fluid modifier. The fluid will all be one object so if you want you can split off portions of it into separate objects.


What i meant to say is that the fluid object whatever shape or faces count but every single face has to be with 4 corners.
That way i have created only simulation that renders with external renderer (Indigo).

Someone said the particles generator will create undefined data, but why?

I know how to apply fluid modifier.