Fluid Simulation Doesn't Work Properly

I recently started using Blender and today I figured that Baking Fluids doesn’t work for me as it should.
I made a simple scene with an object dropping in some liquid. The final resolution is set to 30 by default and it works but its very low for what I need. So I changed it to 150 as I saw in a tutorial. After that, I let it process for about 30 minutes and it couldn’t even bake Frame 1. I tried changing the cache folder but it didn’t help. When I start the baking process, Blender uses all my CPU cores but not much of my Ram. I’m really confused and have no idea what to do to make it work.

What I’m using:
Blender 2.69 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
Ram: 8 GB DDR3
CPU: Intel i7-2630QM - 8 Core (2 Ghz) with 6MB cache

Much much too little info to go on.

Don’t expect anyone to know what you scene looks like and all the settings you have set if you don’t supply a link to your blend file.

Okay I’ll upload a scene in an hour or so, thanks mate.

This is the scene I’m trying to simulate.
milk and strawberries.blend (565 KB)

Apply the rotation and scale on your fluid and domain objects, and the scale on your strawberry (ctrl-A in object mode). Make sure your fluid cache location is a valid file path. Also your time settings are weird. You’ve set the start time to 1 and the end time to 30, but there are only 30 frames in your animation. Time values in your fluid simulation are measured in seconds, not frames. You’re trying to simulate one whole second per frame. You need to drop that end time value way down. 30 frames at 24 frames per second isn’t 30 seconds, it’s 1.25.

Thanks! I changed the End time and it worked!