Fluid simulation for mimicking flow inside a blood vessel?


I am planning to make some animations for a presentation. My aim is to use fluid simulation to demonstrate how blood behaves inside a vessel and what happens when there is a stenotic segment. I can do some simple animations where fluid drops due to gravity and fills a volume (the basic liquid functions) but I am not sure if I can use this approach here. What I mainly need to know are:

  1. Can I change the speed of the blood to match its speed in the body (for example 120 cm/sec)?

  2. What can I use as a force to make blood follow the vessel path? Gravity won’t help me here, as it has to go upwards and follow the vessel’s curvatures.

  3. If there is a stricture in the vessel, the blood flow velocity normally increses (think of it as putting your finger in front of a hose; the water will change to a jet). Can I simulate this in Blender automatically by making a narrower vessel or will I need to manually (somehow) change the velocity at these locations?