Fluid simulation for snow?

Hi everyone,

I really new to Blender and cycles, I want to add some snow to my trees (created with the sapling addon).
Someone in my WIP-Thread suggested to me to use a fluid simulation for the snow on my trees.

But I don’t know how to use it? It should flow along the tree, so it looks like snow.

Thx for help :slight_smile:

I would actually recommend using a particle system because its much closer to how snow actually accumulates on trees.

Can you explain how I can use the particles for snow on a tree?

What I would do is make a particle system, create snowflakes, make the tree, and set the particles to be the snowflakes and drop them onto the tree. Also, make sure the tree is an obstacle. This is just my first guess. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work. And to mark the thread as solved, there is an option to mark the thread as solved under the thread options I think. Try that.

Like Thecoolman5 said, you need to use a particle system. Model your snowflake in another layer (I made a simple one from a flattened icosphere), and make the particles system emit that object. Make a collision for the tree, and turn the stickiness up to 10. In your particle system, turn the gravity all the way off. Put the normal amount under the velocity to around .6, or whatever you like. Obviously make sure it is projecting towards the tree. Also turn the mass way down to .01. Make sure you set the size low enough so the flakes are the actual size of snow. Add some random size and rotation and you’re good!
Just make sure you set the lifetime of your particles way up so they don’t die while they’re on the tree until you want them to.

By the way, you turn the gravity off because if you don’t they will fall off of the tree. That’s why you increase the velocity rather than the gravity. If you do want it to fall off of the tree and kind of flow down it then increase the gravity slightly.

Sorry if you already knew how to do this. I don’t know how experienced you are so I wanted to go into detail.

Sorry, accidentally posted the reply you see above twice.

Hm, Alec I tried that, but collision isnt working :frowning:
Here is my Process

  • Made a plane for the particles in top of the tree
  • Select tree and set physics -> collision -> stickiness 10.0
  • Select plane with particles
    -> velocity -> 0.6
    -> velocity -> emitter z: -6m/s
    -> physics -> mass: 0.01
    -> field weights -> gravity: 0

You probably need to increase the particle amount then. How thick is your tree? Sometimes the particles will miss if there isn’t enough surface area.
Is this for an animation or a still?

Hey, I found an alternative for you. In edit mode select all of the faces on your tree that are facing upwards. Duplicate them, then separate the selection from the tree (P > Selection). In object mode select the separated vertices and add a particle system. Change the gravity, mass, and normal velocity to as low as they go. Of course, increase the lifetime for however long you want them to stay there. Then choose for it to emit an object and select your snowflake, then lower the size. Make sure you tell it to not render the emitter.

When you play the animation you will see the flakes starting to pop up on the branches. Hope that works for you!

Also tried a plane with collision added, that also didnt work. So thicknes of the tree is not the problem of this.

Than I tried your other suggestion, took some faces, put particle on there… with childs… thats really heavy for my pc ^^ … Now I got a mix of all sugesstions :smiley:

Thx 4 all your help!

Then you must be doing something wrong… I tested it out and it works fine.

Not sure. Sorry.

just wondering are they on the correct layers? a particle system will only collide if the collision object is on the same layer as the emitter object (at least that my experience of colliding meshes and particles,)